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About Us

Welcome to LostInVictorian!

Here you will find quality garments ranging from the Medieval age to the late 19th Century; Lolita, rococo, steampunk, Gothic etc.....perfect for theme weddings, SCA, LARP, stage and costume parties! You can be confident that every garment will be handmade with attention to detail and precision in construction, using the finest silks, tapestry cloth, cotton, satin and brocade ect...

We are inspired by historical documentation, portraits, books about fact, subcultures, movies and the study of historical events and people.

We carry out a vast amount of research on the construction of historical garments and we are continually adding to our range of clothing.

Please feel free to contact us if you see any item that you would like custom made. We may not be able to offer the exact fabrics but we can always discuss similar options.

E-mail questions anytime to and we will answer quickly!

Thank you for visiting our site!

LostInVictorian Ltd. Co.

No.135, Zhihe Street,

Yongtai, Baiyun District, 

Guangzhou 510410, China